Fun morning at Fort Desoto

“Don’t go in there” said the lizard. “I had beans for lunch.”

Even the cactus were looking crispy from lack of rain.

On the fishing pier, the pelican stole the fish from the cormorant.

Flyby on the pier.

Cormorant with an itch.

Rush hour traffic in the gulf.

It was a windy morning so the kiteboarders were out.

SkyWatch Friday

Windy day at the beach – Skywatch Friday


Little sandpiper creeping around in the fog.


Dowitchers watching  me as they walk by.


Where did his head go?


There were a lot of dowitchers on the beach that morning. I usually only see a few.


The usual black bellied plover.


Taking a bath in the back.


It’s weird to see a palm warbler on the beach, walking around in the sand like he’s a shorebird.


A few dunlins mixed in with the dowitchers.


They were digging around in the old dried up seaweed on the shore.


This one had seaweed all over his beak.


Another windy, foggy, cloudy morning. Which meant the kiteboarders would be out.


These guys were not at Fort Desoto. They were taking off from the beach along the Sunshine Skyway bridge, across the bay. Based on the direction of the wind, it was a better spot to kiteboard in.

A quiet morning at Fort Desoto since the weather was yucky.

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