Almost alone at Fort Desoto

This was a morning in early May when a nasty storm was suppose to already be here. I got to Fort Desoto hoping to get some storm shots and it was sunny and hot. It was also a rare Friday that I had off so hardly anyone here yet.

Only me and my shadow at the fishing pier.

I walked the swampy trails and only found a young armadillo. All above were taken with  my phone including the one of the armadillo. He walked pretty close to my feet but I didn’t let him get that close.

SkyWatch Friday

The view along the trail through my phone.

I knew it was going to be a beautiful morning when I walked out on the trail to this.

After 12 years of coming to Circle B Bar Reserve, I still love walking these trails even with all of the dead trees in the background.

Things close to the trail, although I cropped up the one with the big gator so he wasn’t that close.

An alligator cruises by a great blue heron.

The view from the blind on the dock.

Sitting on a bench near the nature center before heading home.

I had just replaced my old iphone with a new one days before so I was taking lots of pictures with it.

SkyWatch Friday


Take a camera phone tour of the “Bar”


Driving down the winding road to get to the parking lot at Circle B Bar Reserve.

IMG_4429 IMG_4431 IMG_4433 IMG_4436 IMG_4438 IMG_4441 IMG_4443 IMG_4447 IMG_4454 IMG_4456 IMG_4458

These were all taken on Alligator Alley trail. At one end of the trail, you can see across Lake Hancock. The sun peaked out a few times but most of the morning was cloudy.


At the main intersection. If I go left it takes me to Eagles Roost trail and away from the water. If I go straight, I head down Marsh Rabbit Run trail. It’s a long trail with water on both sides. At the end of that trail, you end up on Wading Bird Way trail. If I go right, walking along Heron Hideout trail, you come back to the main parking area. Or, I could turn around and go back down Alligator Alley. I usually end up walking between 5 and 7 miles in the morning.

Standing on Heron Hideout trail, I was looking south towards the other end of the park.


Another view of the main intersection.  “All trails lead back to here.” Or at least the most traveled ones do. There are a few other trails in the park that are away from any water.




Heading back to the parking area and the Nature Center. The dark clouds were moving in and the second I got in my car it started to rain. I’m not sure how I ended with so many pictures and not many people in them. When I first got there at 8am there were just a few people there. When I left right before noon, there were tons of people coming in and several boy scout troops heading out to the trails. It’s worth getting up early to get my walk in before the crowds. All of these were taken with my Iphone.  I hope you enjoyed a tiny peek at one of my favorite places to walk.

A quick video of one of the marshes.  The tree swallows were whizzing by me very quickly.

SkyWatch Friday