My first horned lark

I had read about the rare horned lark at Fort Desoto on a Saturday night on the Florida bird postings.  He was seen somewhere between the north beach sanctuary and the fishing pier. The next morning I said “Hubby, let’s go to the beach.” The lark just happened to be in the spot where we have our lunch picnic when we go to the beach so it was convenient. I told him I was really going to find a bird.  I showed him a picture of one and he says “How are you going to find that little bird in that big park?” Doesn’t he know yet? Just look for the other photographers. I’m not that early a riser so I’m usually not the first one there. We walked out on the beach and saw a few people with their long lens down a little ways. We found him right away. He didn’t seem to be very skittish. He wandered around the dunes for a while. I had read that he was there for at least a week. He was limping on one leg so the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary was called. I read on their facebook page that they went out and looked for him but never found him. No one had reported anything else so he must have moved on. He was a beautiful bird!

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