Spring at Hollis Gardens

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Since I was in Lakeland looking for baby swans in early April, I decided to stop by Hollis Gardens. The public gardens are right in the heart of downtown. The gardens were busy with families getting their pre-Easter shots, early graduation portraits, engagement photos, etc. The gardens are very well-kept and pretty. I’m still practicing using my Nikon 85mm macro lens. All of the above were taken with that lens. It mostly cloudy but the sun did peek out a few times. Soon all of the flowers here in the Tampa bay area will start to look a little crispy from the heat.

Shine the Divine mom_badgeweb

Spring sprang a long time ago. Now it’s just hot!

I took these pictures in mid-April. Spring has long gone and now it’s full-blown summer. Actually, it was pretty much summer when I took these. I stopped by Hollis Gardens in Lakeland after a long walk around Circle B Bar Reserve. Hollis Gardens is small slice of heaven that sits on a small lake in downtown Lakeland. It’s very pretty there. It’s a very popular place to have baby, engagement, family or any other reason pictures made. Every time I’ve been there it’s been full of photographers taking pictures of people all dressed up. The flowers were in full bloom. But not as many bees and butterflies out yet. I found the spider along the wall as I was leaving. I was hoping to find a few birds there but only found grackles and mockingbirds. Oh well, the flowers are nice too.