Other animals at the reserve

This turkey made it through Thanksgiving weekend. He seemed a little skittish when I saw him just off the trail in early November.

I saw  Oreo (resident black and white feral hog) in the swamp near the nature center.

Other critters along the trail. It was interesting to see the squirrel eating a big mushroom.

A few tiny critters at Circle B Bar Reserve in early November.

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Critters and crawlers


The fall yellow flowers were just starting to come out in the middle of November.


How cool is a pink and purple dragonfly?


It looks like he’s looking right at me.


A baby close to the trail.


Some kind of fly or bee was stuck in the web.


Harmless black racer on the trail.


Black and yellow argiope spider.




Stripe came near the trail. I quickly took the picture. When he saw me he ducked under the bushes. They are usually pretty shy.


A lazy bum in the marsh.

Different critters and crawlers on my mid-November walk at Circle B Bar Reserve. The alligators have been out in full force lately. Is is really the end of November? They say time flies as you get older. It does feel that way. In a blink the holidays will be over. I hope we have a cold winter. Last year we had a fairly warm winter. I’m ready to break out the long sleeves. Oh, by cold I mean hover around 50 degrees.