Last walk at Circle B until Fall.

Sushi for breakfast.

Walking down the trail I could hear a baby bird calling overhead. Looking up I saw this juvenile red shoulder hawk up in the tree.

Then I realized that Mom was a tree over with a frog trying to get the baby to follow her over. The baby wanted Mom to come feed it but Mom was trying to get him to fly over.

These baby turkeys were very skittish. Mom was keeping an eye on me.

Lots of young alligators along the trail.

Everything was green when I last was at Circle B Bar Reserve in mid-May. Now it’s too hot to walk there and the main trails are usually closed due to alligators mating and nesting close by until at least October so I’ll be staying close to home or the coast.

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Babies in the spring

DSC_6618 DSC_6616

A hawk with breakfast for his babies. He landed on the stick and I could hear babies screaming from high up in a tree close by. After a few seconds he headed over and I could hear those babies excited that frog was for breakfast. I couldn’t see them but they were loud.


A juvenile green heron hanging out close to the nest. He’s still got that baby fuzz on the top of his head.


Two almost grown great blue heron babies waiting for Mom to bring home lunch. There were three of them but the third one stayed low in the nest. These guys were pretty far off the trail so this is extremely cropped up.







Baby limpkins were getting snacks from their parents.  You could barely see them over the tall grass.


Summer is here. Lazy days are ahead.

All of the winter birds and ducks have left for the summer but Circle B Bar Reserve was full of babies. Baby hawks, baby limpkins, baby great blue herons, baby sandhill cranes and baby moorhens were everywhere. By now all of these guys are grown up. Except for the moorhens. They’ll have babies all summer long.

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