Zoo baby explosion

Zooming in on the marabou stork babies at Zoo Tampa (formerly Lowry Park Zoo). They are born looking like old birds. Reminds me of the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button where Benjamin ages in reverse and is born an old person and then turns young. Only these birds look old their entire lives.

A new baby out in the African exhibit staying close to Mom.

The fuzzy white thing is a  baby Colobus monkey. So cute and easy to spot. The keeper said that the entire group helps raise the baby so the baby was comfortable moving around with all of them.

A wild baby tricolored heron waiting for Mom to feed it.

Little blue herons that were born weeks earlier over the alligator exhibit.

Wild baby mallards playing in one of the exhibits.

And just for fun, a turtle train.

So many babies born this early spring at Zoo Tampa. It’s fun to watch the kids get excited seeing all of the baby animals.

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White fuzz balls everywhere.








The main reason to go to Gatorland in Orlando is the babies. In the spring, wild birds come to raise their babies in the mangroves along the lake full of gators. The gators keep the raccoons and snakes away. I wonder if there is safety in numbers there. With all of the babies, I’ve never seen a hawk cruising around looking for a snack. I guess because there are so many adult birds in a concentrated area to fight off attackers. All of the above are great egret babies. The last picture above is probably the oldest ones. Maybe a month old.




The above 3 are of a snowy egret family.These babies are just a few days old.


Thrown in to the mix of all of the different white birds was a baby grackle.

I took a ga-zillion pictures on this trip. So many fun things to see. I’ll be posting a lot about this trip.