If birds could talk

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“I need to get an agent” said the limpkin who sat there while tons of people were taking his picture.


“I’m going back to sleep” said the grumpy red shoulder hawk.


“I’m not going to do anything interesting. Take my picture just like this lady” said the great blue heron.




‘Yes, we are a dime a dozen” said all of the phoebes.


“Look ma, no hands” said the anhinga climbing up the branch.


“What are you looking at?” said the snowy egret.


“No I’m not going to look at you just so you can take my picture” said the gnatcatcher.



“We’re trying to blend in but I don’t think it’s working” said the great egret to the cattle egret.



“Everyone look up at me” said the rare Harrier Hawk.




“She’d better be bringing home bacon cause I’m tired of bringing all the sticks” said the bald eagle as he headed for the nest.

Lots of birds but not a lot of activity in mid-November. They were all just sitting there, except for the eagles. They were both bringing sticks back to the nest. You could see them flying back and forth over the trail heading to the nest but you can’t see the nest. It’s hidden high up in the trees, facing the lake. In the mornings before 11am, people are lined up on the trail to see the eagles flying back and forth.

The Northern Harrier hawk was a surprise. It was a first time ever seeing one. I had heard there was one flying around earlier but didn’t think I would see it and right before leaving he flew right over my head.

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No mall shopping for me this month.


A glossy ibis glowing in the sun.


Another cute gnatcatcher.


“Hey, where are you going?”


Moorhen in the swamp.


Candy corn beak.


A tiny gator snoozing in the sun.


Soon the trail will be full of these bushes blowing in the wind. The ends sprout and blow off and it almost looks like it snowing when they are blowing around.

Christmas is coming fast. I did all of my shopping on-line so I could spend what little free time I have right now out at the parks. The weather is perfect in December. High of 65 and sunny. Why would I want to be at a mall when I could see all of the above? My sister is coming to Tampa this week and we’ll be out playing tourist all week.

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