A castle in Colorado?

Wild mule deer wandering around the castle property.

A castle in Colorado Springs? I just happened to read about Glen Eyrie while looking for things to do on our trip in late September. Built in 1871 by the founder of Colorado Springs, you can now stay in the castle. There is also a lodge and convention center as well. It sits in the northwestern foothills of the Garden Of The Gods rock formations. We stopped by to visit the gift shop and walk around the property. And of course, the weather was not in our favor. I want to come back and stay here sometime.

Such a beautiful spot.

With it’s own built in hiking area.

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Vacation sneak peak

Our view from the hotel. The first morning was the only time we saw Cheyenne Mountain.  After this it was completely covered in fog.

We spent a morning walking around in the drizzle at Garden of the Gods.

An afternoon at Cave of the Winds.  The view from the parking lot is above.

The above were on the road to Cripple Creek.

Spent a short time walking around the grounds of Glen Eyrie Castle. You can stay here but they book up fast. Maybe next year.

Helen Hunt Falls in Cheyenne Mountain Park.

It was hard to believe that just two weeks after Hurricane Irma passed through our area we were waking up in the foothills of Cheyenne Mountain just west of Colorado Springs. We had planned this trip back in early spring and there were a lot of hurdles to get through before we could relax on our vacation including a 7 hour flight delay getting there. Relaxing wasn’t high on the list for the vacation though. We spent every day outside in the rain and drizzle walking around. Even in the fog and rain, the area was insanely beautiful. Or maybe it was because we aren’t accustomed to seeing the mountains on a daily basis.  I guess some of the people who grew up here would say the same thing about our beaches in Florida. We hit most of the places on our wish list but due to weather missed a few as well. All the more reason to go back in the near future. I took a ton of pictures and am just starting to edit them.  More later.