The dolphin show at Fort Desoto.

A baby dolphin was swimming close to Mom above.

The dolphins were swimming right under the fishing pier at Fort Desoto in early June. The water was clear and the sun was hitting the water just perfect so you could see them before they came up for air.

Someone caught a tiny shark.

A beautiful day to be out in a boat.

SkyWatch Friday


Birds at the fishing pier and another eagle sighting

Cormorant scratching his head on a light post.

Someone was feeding the little ruddy turnstones.

Almost half of the ruddys were missing toes. This one was missing almost all of his toes but was getting around pretty good.

The usual dolphin at the pier.

A small flock of white pelicans flew over the pier. They were headed far away. They hang out near the spoil islands around Fort Desoto which you would only be able to see by boat. Occasionally, you can catch them flying around overhead.

The above eagle was sitting on a cell phone tower not too far outside the park. It’s good to know they are back in town. A flickr friend recently posted pictures of the pair hanging out together.  See Jim’s shots here.  Two years ago the eagles nested in a big tree just outside of the park and we were able to watch the baby grow up from across a small pond. Later that year, a storm blew down the nest and last winter the pair moved to a utility tower inside the park. It was not good for viewing. We’re hoping they move back to the tree this year.

Just a handful of shots taken at the Fort Desoto fishing pier on a recent Saturday morning. Nothing unusual there but still fun to see the dolphins swimming around.

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