Zoo Tampa in late July

Little critters at Zoo Tampa in late July.

Even though it was hot the gibbons were swinging back and forth and hooting.

Some of the other fun faces at the zoo.

A bird of paradise almost in bloom.

A cloudy almost rainy day is a good day to go to the zoo in late July. It’s too hot to go on a sunny day. Most of the animals were out moving around the morning I visited for a quick walk. There’s always something different there to see each visit.

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More baby elephant pictures


“Mom makes a great shade spot.”


“I promise I won’t get dirty, Mom.”


“I love climbing over this log.”


“And looking for ants”


“I know I’m not suppose to wander off but I wanted to play on the log.”


“As long as you’re here, it’s time for a snack.”


The elephant is not the only cute baby. These bear cubs were playing as well.

Another morning watching the baby elephant play at Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa. Born on 12/23/12, he’s just to cute to resist.

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