The eagle has landed


Way up high, in the sky….   Circling over my head, this is extremely cropped.




Coming in for a landing.


Checking things out.

At this point, I can’t tell what’s going on at the eagle’s nest near my house. The weekend before this, I didn’t see anyone on the nest, but one of them could have been laying down sleeping and I just couldn’t see them. This morning in early February, I was thinking the same thing. No sign of life, then this guys comes flying in as I was leaving. I’m hoping they are just getting a late start on the family this year. Other eagle nests in the area are already getting little babies. I’ll keep checking.  If you haven’t seen the baby eagles yet at the Fort Myers eagle cam, you should check them out. They are growing fast.  This is about 2 hours south of Tampa.

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The eagles are back on the nest!

DSC_6524 DSC_6521 DSC_6520

Just a few pictures of the eagles near my house. I finally saw them both on the nest recently. One was on the nest and the other was sitting on top of the dead tree the nest is in. I’m hoping they are getting ready for eggs or there may already be eggs on the nest. I’ll keep you posted.



The loud peacocks that live on the farm where the eagle’s nest is were looking at me like I was crazy.  They were thinking “That crazy lady is back with her black box on her face”.

SkyWatch Friday

Eagles in the middle of a horse pasture.


An eagle checking out her eggs.


Hanging on the nest.


Both parents on the nest. I had heard about an eagle’s nest “out in the country” but not too far from Tampa. It’s out in horse country and the nest is in the middle of a horse field that’s private so all of the above were taken from far away and highly cropped. I pulled off the side of the road for a few minutes and the smell of horse poo was pretty strong. I’m not sure when or if there are eggs but I’ll check back later in the month.


There were a few peacocks hanging around the barn nearby.


A horse looked out and was probably wondering what that lady was doing on the side of the road.

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