More from the Boston harbor

Built in 1936, this historic lighthouse boat was renovated and was up for sale earlier this year for only $5M. We didn’t hear if it sold.

Views from the northern end of the harbor include the USS Constitution ship build in 1797. It’s docked at the former Charlestown Navy Yard and you can tour it but we never made it over there (gotta save something for the next trip). It’s exactly what I pictured would be sitting in the harbor here.

Bright yellow leaves in front of the North End.

Another view from the back of the boat.

A view heading into Charlestown from our trolley tour.

Big birds and little birds at Fort Desoto

The nanday parakeets are always goofing around.

A male and a female ruby throated hummingbird.

A great egret going by with a snack.

Little critters in the park.

A manatee cruising by the fishing dock.

Big boats going by.

From the fishing pier at Fort Desoto Park.

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Big boats and bikers – Skywatch Friday


By the time I got to the park, the sun was already up high. It was filtered by the clouds.


A brighter shot but with more clouds.


Not sure what’s going on here. Were they watering the water??? Maybe they were practicing putting out a fire using the water from the bay.


There’s always a lot of bikers on a Saturday morning.


Everyone is in on the action.


Another big ship coming into the bay. It was pretty far out.


The coast guard going by.


Rush hour traffic on the bay.


Not a perfect morning in late October. It was mostly cloudy with little chance of birds so I started taking pictures of everything else. It was still a nice morning out. I love watching the big ships coming and going. I always wonder what life is like for those guys on those long trips. You would think it would be cool to be out on the water for a while but I get seasick just thinking about it. I’m fine as long as I can see land and the water is not too choppy but any further than that and I’m toast.  I’m okay kayaking as well. I know I can usually jump out and be in waist deep water. Although I have to keep an eye out for stingrays. Wouldn’t want to put my foot down on one.

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