Random birds and a big baby hawk


A carolina wren working on a late nest.


A young cardinal sitting on the boardwalk.


This male cardinal was deep in the bushes. Not a good picture but it was funny to see him with that caterpillar squished in his beak.


A grackle on the boardwalk.


She came over a little closer, checking to see if I had a snack to give her.


A very young cooper’s hawk. Just starting to leave the nest.


The nest was a few trees back in the woods. For the last couple of weeks, we could hear the babies screaming for food but it wasn’t until the babies started hopping around and branching closer to the boardwalk that we could see them.


A great egret flies by the boardwalk with a snack.

Besides all of the little critters and four-legged ones, there were a few birds at Chesnut Park in mid-July. Nothing unusual but it was great to the see the baby cooper’s hawk after hearing them scream for weeks and not being able to see them from the nest.

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