Seeing the big boys

I stopped by Chesnut Park on the way home from work in late July just after it had stopped raining. I was hoping to see baby deer. It’s rare to see them on a Saturday morning when the park is busy but they usually come out from hiding and play in the rain during the week. I didn’t see any babies on this trip.

A very young buck with some pine straw hanging out of his mouth.

I did get to see 2 bucks with  bigger antlers which is a rare thing to see at the park. A park ranger once told me the park is mostly full of does and the bucks come down from Brooker Creek Preserve in the spring and summer to mate but don’t hang around Chesnut Park long. These 2 were hanging out on the baseball field by themselves. When I walked up to the edge of the field they stopped and glanced at me for a few seconds then ignored me. This guy was trying to be cool but little did he know that he had some grass stuck between his ear and antler.

I saw this red shoulder hawk on the ground with a lizard. He was still soaked from the rain. He took off after he saw me.

Photographing New Zealand

Oh Deer, Christmas is over!

DSC_4382 DSC_4384 DSC_4386

Why did the deer cross the road?!?!




So little Junior could get a snack.





The boys were hanging out together.



I sat down on the side of the road and this one comes walking right towards me.



This one has something funny hanging off her knee. Is that some sort of growth?  I’ll have to keep an eye out for her.

I got to Chesnut park before 8am on a cloudy Saturday morning in early December. It looked like it was going to rain so there wasn’t a lot of people there. The deer were all along the road throughout the park. They were just wandering around enjoying the quiet. I noticed when I left 3 hours later, more people had come in to walk and jog and the deer had all retreated to the back of the park.

Saturday's Critters