My first 2015 baby bird.


Birds look so different from a front view. This great blue heron looks like he wants to give me a kiss.


This is how we usually see them.


Peak a boo under mom. My first baby of the year. He’s probably a week old here.  He only peaked out for a second.  I have since heard there are two babies.


Across the trail, an eagle was watching us take pictures of the baby great blue heron.


Blue winged teal ducks taking a nap.


Tiny gator smiling.


Green heron in a green swamp.


Bittern hiding in the reeds.

A few critters on a recent walk at Circle B Bar Reserve. Nothing new but it was fun seeing the baby heron. My first baby of 2015.

Skywatch Friday

An otter eating, a snake being eaten and some birds.

I’m standing along Marsh Rabbit Run trail at Circle B Bar Reserve trying to take pictures of the baby sandhill cranes. There were several other photographers there and we were all being quiet while hoping the cranes would get a little closer to the trail. All of a sudden we heard this loud crunch right behind us. We all turned around and saw this otter eating what we thought was a small turtle. He was chowing down pretty hard and making a loud crunching noise. It was almost as if he was saying “Hey guys, I’m back here.” He eventually finished it and swam off.

On Wading Bird Way, I see a great blue heron having a hard time with a snake. I took these right into the sun so they didn’t turn out to great but it was pretty funny watching him fight the snake.

He seemed to look back at me like “Can you help me with this?”

He kept shaking his head and the snake unwrapped around his beak but they continued to fight for a while. Eventually, the heron got the snake down. It made me wonder if the birds ever get bitten by a poisonous snake. Will they die if they get bite? And if they swallow the snake whole while it’s still alive, can the snake bite their stomach? It’s a tough life being a bird.

These blue winged teals didn’t get the memo telling them to go home for the summer. These were the only ones I saw in the park and they were feeding together in a tight group. The tricolored heron was sneaking by them, probably trying to see what they were eating.

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