A walk around Lake Morton

The Lakeland swans get fed at Lake Morton by the city through stations around the lake. The ducks can’t reach the station but they hang close by hoping to get some droppings.

In the winter you can usually find a few ring billed ducks with the swans.

The lake is mainly full of mute swans but there is also a pair of black neck swans. There are several fully gray swans that people think they are a hybrid of the mute and black swans.

White pelicans were circling around the lake during my recent walk.

Someone was feeding the ducks. People come to feed the ducks and swans but it’s the ibis that steal the food. A few ibis show up and all of sudden tons of them come flying across the lake to get in on the free food. They started attacking the people so they got in their car and left.

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The almost usual stuff at the lake.

DSC_6759 DSC_6760

White pelicans who should have been north by now. They were still hanging around central Florida in May.


Ibis flyby.




The beautiful black neck swans were nesting. I don’t know if the babies hatched.


Nosy goose.


Grackle with a snackle.


A laughing gull couple far away from the beach.


An injured ibis. He was still able to fly away.


A turtle in the lake.

I took a quick walk around Lake Morton in Lakeland after my long walk at Circle B Bar Reserve before heading home.