A walk around Lake Morton

The Lakeland swans get fed at Lake Morton by the city through stations around the lake. The ducks can’t reach the station but they hang close by hoping to get some droppings.

In the winter you can usually find a few ring billed ducks with the swans.

The lake is mainly full of mute swans but there is also a pair of black neck swans. There are several fully gray swans that people think they are a hybrid of the mute and black swans.

White pelicans were circling around the lake during my recent walk.

Someone was feeding the ducks. People come to feed the ducks and swans but it’s the ibis that steal the food. A few ibis show up and all of sudden tons of them come flying across the lake to get in on the free food. They started attacking the people so they got in their car and left.

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The almost usual stuff at the lake.

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White pelicans who should have been north by now. They were still hanging around central Florida in May.


Ibis flyby.




The beautiful black neck swans were nesting. I don’t know if the babies hatched.


Nosy goose.


Grackle with a snackle.


A laughing gull couple far away from the beach.


An injured ibis. He was still able to fly away.


A turtle in the lake.

I took a quick walk around Lake Morton in Lakeland after my long walk at Circle B Bar Reserve before heading home.

Too early for swan babies


I stopped at Lake Morton in early April to see if any of the swan babies were born yet. No babies but there were nests all around the lake. The nests are roped off with big signs to leave the nest alone and don’t go near it. They also have cameras in the trees since a few years ago someone was stealing the eggs.


Nice day for a swim. It was noon when I got to the lake and the sun was high up.


The black neck swan couple are still hanging around.


This turtle came up on the bank for a nap.


The white ibis are in their breeding colors with that bright red beak.


Going, going


Gone. To sleep. It always feels like spring when you see baby ducks.


Later they were hiding under mom.


Lots of pairs of swans together.


The black neck swans swim by me.


A tree was full of these buds. I just found out it’s a Kapok tree. I’d love to have one in my yard.

Even though there were no swan babies yet, it was a beautiful spring day.

Ducks and swans at Lake Mirror


What a pretty pair. These are the only two black necked swans at Lake Morton.


Male wood duck snoozing as he’s cruising.


One of the fairly new mandarin ducks that live at Lake Mirror in downtown Lakeland. These ducks are not native here. They were acquired by the city since they look “pretty”.


Now he’s just showing off. When I first saw the couple early this spring they had just been placed on the lake. They were very skittish and stayed far away from the other ducks and people. This trip they were in front of the crowd when people were feeding the ducks. They came close to the edge so I guess they are getting used to the place.


Female mandarin duck.


A new duck! The city now has two shelducks. They are very pretty. Although, they don’t look that much different from all of the other hybrid mallards that are there. I was wondering how you would buy a duck pair. ¬†You can buy a pair of shelducks on efowl.com for $175.00. Interesting.


They were not shy. They came close the edge of the lake.

I had heard about the new ducks at Lake Mirror and stopped by there recently on my way home from Circle B Bar Reserve. It’s only a 15 minute drive from the reserve. Lake Mirror is smaller than Lake Morton, which is only a couple of streets over. Both have swans and ducks that live there. It was a perfect beautiful day in late October and I wasn’t quite ready to go home. The area around the lake was packed with people. Everyone was out enjoying the day and tons of people were feeding the ducks. It will be interesting to see if the new couple have babies next spring.

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