A boat, a horseshoe crab and some birds


I thought I might get rain when I first got to Fort Desoto early on a Saturday morning. The sun was barely peeking out behind a big cloud bank.


I walked along the beach up to the north beach tip and the sun finally came out. The beach was full of dead horseshoe crabs. I’ve never seen to many here at one time. The tide must have washed them all up. This one looked like it was alive but when the water came up it didn’t move.


Black bellied plover watching me.


Snowy egret getting his morning breakfast.


This great blue heron did not catch his own breakfast. As I rounded the corner on the beach, there were a handful of guys fishing. They were throwing the tiny ones to the birds close by.


Another free meal.


Another beautiful morning walking the beach at Fort Desoto Park.

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