Happy 4th of July!

Brett and I were leaving the house to go out for a drive on Memorial Day. We were heading to the Bay Pines Veterans National Cemetery where my parents are buried for a walk and then to pick up lunch to bring home. Driving out the back way and past some apartments we saw a juvenile eagle sitting on utility box. Of course I yelled for Brett to stop. I had my camera in the car so he pulled over and I was able to get a few shots before the eagle took off. It’s not every day that you have an eagle pooping in your neighborhood.

He circled around over my head and then took off over the tree.

These babies were swimming around below him so he must have been hoping to get one but ended up leaving empty handed. Unless he came back later. There are a lot less babies in this family now.

Every Memorial Day Boy Scout troops put flags on the graves at the cemetery. It’s really impressive (but sad) to drive through and see all of the flags.

Visiting my parents on Memorial Day – Skywatch Friday


I had read that the Bay Pines National Cemetery decorates the gravesites with flags on Memorial Day so hubby and I stopped by when we were out running around.


Trying to be creative with pictures of my parents gravesite. They are buried here together.


Hubby was sitting on the bench in the back while I took pictures. The cemetery was packed with people visiting.


Most people had left flowers but a few had other strange items on the stones. This one had an unopened can of diet coke. Was it their favorite drink?


The entrance to the cemetery.


It was a beautiful day!

0 Dad

My dad’s official picture. He was 19 when he left for WW2. He was in the war for 2 years before coming back to Florida. He died in early 2001 from health issues.

26 Jack Benny - Copy (2)

My dad and Jack Benny somewhere overseas.


Of course I kept my eye out for wildlife at the cemetery. Cemeteries always have good birds. There’s a small pond near my parents grave. We walked over to see what was in the pond and we found a duck family swimming around. Across the pond were great blue herons, great egrets and a spoonbill. The trees all over the cemetery were full of woodpeckers.

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