Along the trail.

Color on the trail.

Crawling critters including that tiny alligator right on the trail.

Small birds along the trail. A green heron, a house wren making a face at me and then chirping and a blue headed vireo.

Having a snack.

A perfect start to a day at Circle B Bar Reserve.

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Our World Tuesday Graphic

It’s starting to look like fall in mid- December.

The usual birds at  Chesnut Park in mid-December.

A sleepy alligator.

Color from across the lake. It finally looks like fall as the cypress trees start to turn.

The sun peaking through along the trail. These were taken with my phone.

It’s not often I see two pileated woodpeckers on the same tree. I took this with my phone since I couldn’t fit both of them in with my 300mm lens and I couldn’t back up into the swamp.

image-in-ing: weekly photo linkupOur World Tuesday Graphic

Birds on a warm morning in January – Skywatch Friday


Carolina wren singing early in the morning.


Sleepy looking blue gray gnatcatcher.


This male painted bunting was trying to hide deep in the bushes. He looked at me for a second and then took off the other way. I went up and down the trail looking for him but could not find him again.


A barred owl sitting on the nest. We’re hoping they nest here again this year but this dead tree is across the ditch and far away.


Bald cypress trees into the sun early in the morning. It almost looks like this could have been a cold winter day but it was 60 degrees heading quickly to almost 80 in mid January.


Coots crossing the lake.

A few pictures from a walk around Circle B Bar Reserve.

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