Babies and an eagle

Wood duck babies are so cute. I found this little family at a hidden pond at the Largo Botanical Gardens in May.

After walking around the gardens, I headed over to Largo Nature Preserve and found this baby limpkin following Mom under the boardwalk.

I was staring at this turtle that was sitting just underneath the below.

A bald eagle was sitting on a utility tower in the park. I don’t think anyone else walking by noticed the eagle just sitting up there.

I was taking pictures of the colors of the high plants across the creek and looked down and saw these guys staring up at me like “Feed us.”

All taken back in late April.

SkyWatch Friday


Cutest of all duck babies.










Sometimes when you go out expecting nothing, you get a big something. I was at the botanical gardens in Largo thinking I would not see much but moorhens and doves. I was focusing on taking pictures of flowers. As I was walking towards the rose garden, I saw this line of baby ducks out of the corner of my eye. Thinking they were baby mallards, I almost didn’t stop. But, since all baby ducks are cute, I decided to stop for a minute and take a break. I’m glad I did. They were wood duck babies. They mostly look like mallard babies but way cuter. The parents were keeping them close. Those baby moorhens were looking at the little parade go by like “What are those little ducks?”  I snapped a handful of pictures as they cruised by and headed on to the rose garden.