My first baby pelican sighting of 2014.


Love was in the air in early February. They must have known Valentine’s day was just around the corner.


You can see his missing wing in this shot.


This was a scrappy looking bunch of pelicans, most were missing body parts. They were all working on nests in the middle of the small island.


A tiny baby pelican only a few days old was getting a snack from Mom. This was the only baby there so he must be the first born of the season, with a face only a mother could love.


He was only out for a few minutes. Eventually, mom tucked him back under her.


White pelicans all in a row nearby the brown pelicans.


They were arguing about something.

I thought it was going to be cold when we headed out to Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park. It felt a little chilly at first but got very humid and warm fast.  In the middle of the pond where all of the big birds live, there is an island where the brown pelicans nest. I was thinking it was still too early to see babies but we caught the first one that was born.  The babies born there will grow up with the parents and be able to take off whenever they are ready. Most of the parents are permanently injured and live there full time.

“I want more food” says the baby pelican.

This mom has her hands full with 3 babies begging for food.

“Are you my parent? Then feed me.” This one looks really hungry. He probably knows the parent has fish in his pouch and it just waiting for him to burp it back up. Yum!

“I need some ketchup for your head.” Two older babies playing.

You can see the veins in the soft pink pouch.

The parent looks tired.

More baby pelicans at the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary. I got there as the parents were about to start feeding the babies. These are all pictures of some of the first-born ones this spring. They are all around a month old. There are still a few more that had just been born while I was there. Now that they are bigger and moving around it was fun to watch them. Most of the time they were begging to be fed. A few times some of them seemed to be playing. They grow up so fast.