Birds at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens

This young Carolina wren was hopping all over the place.

Usual birds: a sparrow, robin and baby mockingbird.


A rare bird for me, one that I don’t see in my area of Florida is the American Goldfinch. There were several in the back of the gardens eating the flowers.

I saw several hummingbirds buzzing around but I could only catch this one.

Lots of little critters at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens during my trip in August.

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Fun flying faces

Red bellied woodpecker

Carolina chickadees

Yellow crowned night heron

My favorite little titmouses.

A young mockingbird

Northern parula

Osprey flyby

Juvenile little blue heron in a sea of green and purple.

Curious baby great horned owls from high up in a pine tree.

A few birds in June at Chesnut Park.

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Typical birds on a Saturday morning


Crazy young mockingbird.


Great blue heron soaking up the morning sun.


A moorhen taking a bath.


A white ibis high up in a tree.



Wild parrots are common at the Largo Nature Preserve.





A very young little blue heron coming in for a landing. He was a little unsteady on his feet.

Just a few things I saw on my Saturday morning walk at Largo Nature Preserve.

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A walk after work.


The usual dragonfly on a stick shot.


Same as above but blue.


Small alligator in the lake. I’m not sure what that cotton looking stuff is floating on the lake. I’m sure it’s some type of algae?


This turtle was laying eggs in the bushes along the lake.


A dove resting on the mulch.


A juvenile tricolored heron near the boardwalk. He was actually panting from the heat, which makes him look funny straight on.


A young mockingbird looking for food.


Two young ducks sticking together while feeding.  Mom was further behind them watching.


A young grackle screaming for mom to feed him.


A really small alligator under the boardwalk. You can really see the algae here. It looks like someone threw cotton blankets in the lake.


Bunny having a snack.


Pretty things hanging off the plant.


Iris in bloom. The courtyard at the bell tower was full of these.


Could you do this?  I watched this guy climb the tree and then trim it with a saw while holding on.  He had a harness on but still, you have to be pretty confident of your footing to do this for a living.

An after work walk around the lake near the office. I was looking for baby black neck stilts but saw a lot of other things as well. I found the babies but will post those later.

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