A baby hawk

I found this immature red-shouldered hawk on top of a picnic shelter at Chesnut Park. The park is heavily populated with hawks, both red-shouldered and Cooper’s. He was really focused on something.

Close by, I heard something peeping high up in  tree and saw this fuzzball sticking his head up. A baby hawk. A tiny one.

The parent was one tree over, keeping an eye on the baby. I sat on ground for a while hoping the other parent would show up with something yummy to feed the baby but after a half hour I was hungry so I left to go home for lunch. I’m sure by now the park is full of young hawks flying around.

High up in the trees

DSC_2330 DSC_2336

A barred owl right over the trail. He looks so curious. He’s thinking “What is that constant clicking noise down there?”



A few branches over was a baby.


A few steps down the trail, a red shoulder hawk was up in the trees.



An almost grown baby hawk was a few branches away.

There are lots of babies growing up at Circle B Bar Reserve. Several barred owl and hawk families were along the trail in early May. Everybody was growing up fast.

Purple gallinules mating and a few other things


Are these eagles ever gonna go back up north? I still see them hanging around. Maybe they stay here all year round.


Limpkin flying in with a snack.


An adult limpkin on the left with a juvenile. Looks like she’s going to feed him.


My only glimpse of the baby red shoulder hawk. I got this when I first got to the nest. After a few seconds, he laid down on the nest and took a nap. There are two babies on the nest but I could only see one. We waiting around for a while for them to wake back up. I finally got hungry and left.


A purple gallinule on the trail!  She was stretching out. All of a sudden she hunched over and just stayed there. I kept thinking “What is she doing?”


All of a sudden another one walks up and climbs on top of her. I didn’t even see him hiding in the reeds.


I guess we’ll have baby gallinules soon.


Seconds later he climbed off and walked away. I hope she at least got a stick. Spoonbills bring their mates a stick after they mate to start the nest.

An early morning Saturday hike around Circle B Bar Reserve. I was hoping to see the bobolinks, fulvous whistling ducks and baby turkeys while I was there. No luck on the last two but I did see 100’s of bobolinks fly by quickly in a flash across the trail.

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