Eagles nest at the farm


Both babies are about the same size now.


One is flapping a little more.


I think they were fighting over scraps.


The parent looking around. The babies were on the other side of the tree trunk on the right.


It’s a big nest.


This is the 2nd time I’ve seen bluebirds hanging around near the nest. I didn’t see any last year. They’ll be leaving soon to head back up north.


The lone baby chicken is getting big. I was glad to see it doing well.


This horse was very friendly.


There were several other people there watching the eagle’s nest on my most recent trip and this horse wanted attention.

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon so I decided to stop by the eagle’s nest one more time to see how the big babies were doing. They were pretty big at this point. They looked to be the size of the parents. One was already flapping his wings pretty good. It’s peaceful there  and I like seeing all of the peacocks and chickens running around. I took a ton of pictures on this trip since the weather was so nice and the birds were pretty active. I’ll post more later.

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Last visit to the farm


Chicken Little. Mom was teaching the baby how to shuffle it’s feet in the dirt to scare up the bugs.


Mom sure was pretty!


Cute little baby walking around with mom.


This is the 3rd time I’ve seen bluebirds hanging around near the eagle’s nest.


There were several flying around the horse pasture.


One had a bug for a snack.


These guys are loud!


Resting in the shade.




Lady in waiting.

I took a lot of pictures of the peafowl on my last trip to the eagle’s nest. Although, I should go back in a month or so and see if there are baby peacocks running around. By now the baby eagles have flown the coup. Hopefully they won’t eat that last baby chicken. I heard there were four babies and now there’s only one left. It might have been hawks that got them. The bluebirds have probably left to head north for the summer already. I’ll check back in on the nest next year.

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