Fun at the zoo in June.

The last remaining blue heron babies at the zoo in Tampa. Across the alligator exhibit I spotted a young tricolored heron looking grumpy. He still had that fuzz on the top of his head.

Some of the resident critters at the zoo.

One of my favorite birds in the aviary had babies this spring. The bottom 2 are offspring of the top one.

A wild mockingbird eating the berries.


A few fun things from Zoo Tamp in June.

A mid-summer trip to the zoo

It was very hot in late July but I stopped by the Lowry Park Zoo early one Saturday morning to see how the wild baby birds were doing.

There were a few late little blue heron babies still on the nest but I didn’t see any baby house sparrows.  I saw a few nests tucked away around the gift shop but I didn’t see or hear any babies at that time.

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Growing up at the zoo

I went back to the zoo in late June to see how the wild baby blue herons were doing. While most of them were almost all grown up, there were a few that had just been born.  All of these are young little blue herons, all from a few days old to 6 weeks old.  They will turn blue after their first full molt in about a year. The blue herons nest in the bushes over the alligator’s exhibit at the zoo. It’s funny to watch them at that crazy phase. The older ones were just starting to flap their wings.

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Wild baby birds at the zoo

DSC_7796 DSC_7800 DSC_7847 DSC_7894 DSC_7816

Baby little blue herons at various ages.




Above are almost grown tricolored herons.


A snowy egret was watching her eggs. They had not hatched yet.





Baby house sparrows were being fed. The nest was high up in the roof of the ticket booth. I heard the babies chirping as I walked in and stopped to snap the above.

Besides the usual animals you see at the zoo, you can usually find wild baby birds growing up in the spring at Lowry Park Zoo.  I found all of these in late May.