Cute little baby bird

While I was at Gatorland in early May, I kept seeing this tiny bird hopping around in the bushes behind me on the boardwalk. It was a baby blue-gray gnatcatcher. Mom was close by but stayed farther into the bushes. These guys usually move around so fast but the baby was posing for me nicely. Most people come to the bird rookery here to get pictures of the big waders including egrets and herons but if you look closely you can see some of the little songbirds as well.

Critters at Chesnut Park.

DSC_8845 DSC_8862 DSC_8960

Some of the summer birds at Chesnut Park in mid-June.


I don’t see Cooper’s hawks that often. This one was watching his nest, far into the woods. We couldn’t see the babies but we could hear them crying for food.



Not great shots but I couldn’t resist. The above two shots are of a blue-gray gnatcatcher nest high up in a tree. It looked like a golf ball from the naked eye. I think there were 3 babies on the nest. By the time you could see them, they were outgrowing the nest. These are extremely zoomed in and cropped. Thanks to Joe with his scope that knows every bird that is born at the park.



Even smaller critters have taken over. Grasshoppers and butterflies were everywhere.



This little beauty had deer flies on her face. They are worse than mosquitos.


Taken with my phone, a shot of the swamp from the boardwalk.