Can’t stop “whistling”

Black bellied whistlers across the marsh in the fog.

Later I could see some of them fighting.

I can’t stop taking pictures of these charismatic ducks. They are very loud when they are all whistling across the marsh. They were very busy the morning I was at Circle B Bar Reserve in late December.

Coming in for a landing.

Above is a short video I took recently of the whistlers. You can hear the sound all over the park when they are active early in the morning.

My version of “Quack” Friday.

dsc_8234 dsc_8229

White ibis coming in for a landing.


A great blue heron posing for me.


Since there is an abundance of green herons this year, you’ll be seeing a lot of these.





I had heard there were black bellied whistling duck babies at the reserve but I didn’t think I would actually find them.  I found them but they were in a weird spot in the marsh and the family was not going to move for a while. The babies were already half grown so they were easier to see hiding in the reeds and muck.

I was not going to go shopping on the Friday after Thanksgiving. It was too nice to be indoors. So instead of a “Black” Friday, I headed out with my friend Pam and her husband to do our annual Thanksgiving weekend long walk at Circle B Bar Reserve.  Sunny and 70 degrees with no crowds.

Our World Tuesday Graphicimage-in-ing

A walk around a lake in the boonies.


Another summer black bellied whistling duck sighting.  I snapped this from far away. As I walked down the sidewalk they took off.


A juvenile moorhen, probably 2-3 months old.


I’m seeing green herons everywhere this summer.


Another juvenile moorhen with his parent close by.


After walking around the main lake, I walked over to a small path with a gazebo at the back lake. Most of the lake is surrounded by houses but there is a tiny park along one side. Zooming in across the lake, I could see this sandhill crane couple taking a nap. It would be really cool to have them sleeping in my backyard.


The only shot of baby black bellied whistling ducks ever and it was a bad one. I could see them across the lake but I was not about to walk past the “No Trespassing” sign, even for whistler babies. This was taken directly into the sun and extremely cropped up. They looked so cute with those stripes on their bodies. Most baby ducks all look like mallards but these really looked different.


Nice view from someone’s backyard.

Way out in the boonies (or at least 40 minutes from my house so I call it the boonies) is a big neighborhood that has several lakes right in the middle. Yes, some call this the suburbs. The main lake has an amazing amount of wildlife. The lake has a sidewalk and the houses are across the street. There’s a small wooded park close by filled with woodpeckers. I stopped by early one Saturday morning in late July and there were lots of joggers and dog walkers already out. I didn’t stay long since the sun was out and there was no breeze. I did manage to get some shots of some baby purple gallinules which I’ll post later.

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