Can’t stop “whistling”

Black bellied whistlers across the marsh in the fog.

Later I could see some of them fighting.

I can’t stop taking pictures of these charismatic ducks. They are very loud when they are all whistling across the marsh. They were very busy the morning I was at Circle B Bar Reserve in late December.

Coming in for a landing.

Above is a short video I took recently of the whistlers. You can hear the sound all over the park when they are active early in the morning.

My version of “Quack” Friday.

dsc_8234 dsc_8229

White ibis coming in for a landing.


A great blue heron posing for me.


Since there is an abundance of green herons this year, you’ll be seeing a lot of these.





I had heard there were black bellied whistling duck babies at the reserve but I didn’t think I would actually find them.  I found them but they were in a weird spot in the marsh and the family was not going to move for a while. The babies were already half grown so they were easier to see hiding in the reeds and muck.

I was not going to go shopping on the Friday after Thanksgiving. It was too nice to be indoors. So instead of a “Black” Friday, I headed out with my friend Pam and her husband to do our annual Thanksgiving weekend long walk at Circle B Bar Reserve.  Sunny and 70 degrees with no crowds.

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