Back at Bok

Driving into Bok Tower Gardens you wind through orange groves and you can see the top of the carillon hovering over the trees. At this point the trees were heavy with ripe oranges in early April. I wish it was closer to my home. It’s an hour and a half away but worth the drive every once in a while. The worst part is putting your life on the line driving across crazy I4 for about 45 minutes but after that it’s a nice back road drive through small towns. I like seeing the cows as I pass by and I keep an eye out for eagles cruising in the skies.

This huge beautiful arrangement greats you at the entrance of the visitor’s center.

Lots of yellow and orange blooming when I was there. I love the orange sunflowers.

Little critters were flying around.

I found a lot of amaryllis blooming near the back exit by the parking lot. It made me think it was still Christmas but the heat reminded me it was not.

This was an interesting cactus. I don’t remember ever seeing these guys sprout like this. It looked like a big asparagus growing out of it.

I was hoping for a few spring migrates at the bird feeder by the pond but all I got was catbirds and cardinals.

While sitting on the bench waiting for birds at the feeder, this guy walked right up to me. Maybe people feed them here? He looked at me for a few seconds and then went to the ground under the feeder and started digging around for seeds. I think we had a connection!

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Post Christmas flowers at Bok Tower Gardens

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Still blooming after Christmas. I took ¬†my sister to Bok Tower Gardens in central Florida for a post-Christmas outing. It was a beautiful day and we walked all over the gardens. We saw Amaryllis flowers all around the gardens. They were so beautiful. Next year I want to get some and plant them in our front yard. Although I think I’ll have to buy them about to bloom and then plant them since I’m not sure if they’ll grow in our sandy soil. We had a lot of fun walking around and I took a ton of ¬†pictures so they’ll be more to come.