Blurry birds from the in-laws yard

There’s been a pair of yellow-bellied¬†sapsuckers in my in-laws yard every time I visit. They move pretty quickly from tree to tree and rarely stay still. My mother-in-law says she hears them banging on the side of the house every once in a while.

I think both this one and the below are black-capped chickadees or carolina chickadees. They were very high up in the trees. They are pretty common here in Atlanta but it’s the first time I’ve seen one.

Chewing on a leaf.

I don’t know what the above is. At first from far away I thought it was a carolina wren. But the colors on the face look different. It looks a little like a brown nuthatch¬†or female red breasted nuthatch. I haven’t seen one that looks like this in Florida. Any ideas?

It was a beautiful weekend and I spent a little time wandering around their yard looking high up in the trees. Their yard is filled with old tall pine trees so the birds stayed up pretty high.

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