Hungry baby starlings in my backyard

We recently re-sodded our backyard. We’ve been watering almost everyday and that seems to bring a lot of worms to the yard. Which also brings a lot of birds looking for worms. My hubby said last Saturday “There’s a lot of birds running around on the ground.” I quickly peeked out and said “Oh, those are starlings.” He noticed that the black birds were feeding the brown birds.  He said “Why would the black ones be feeding those other birds?” I took a longer look and said “They’re feeding babies!” We had several parents with at least 10 babies running around the backyard all day. I don’t know where they nested but it must have been close by. The babies looked like they were foraging for food but still kept running to the parent to be fed. They were relentless, constantly screaming at the adults. It was fun to watch them.  All above taken through the dining room window. I didn’t want to go outside and scare them away. They looked hungry.