Birds at the fishing pier


Snowy egrets waiting for a handout from a fisherman.


Cormorants keeping an eye on things from up high.


The juvenile reddish egret is still hanging around the pier.



The usual oystercatcher couple trying to stand out in the crowd.





A sandwich tern taking a bath.


A young sandwich tern still screaming for Mom to bring a snack.




A laughing gull with a shell.

Lots of different birds hanging around the fishing pier at Fort Desoto.

Saturday's Critters

A walk on the fishing pier

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The snowy egrets are always putting on a show at the fishing pier. They are hanging around waiting for the fishermen to turn their backs on their bait buckets so they can steal the little minnows. Sometimes the fisherman will clean their fish on the pier and the egrets try to steal the scraps. There are signs saying not to throw the scraps in the water or to the birds but some people still do it. Then the ones that don’t are annoyed by the birds being aggressive.


A sting ray cruises by the pier in the shallow water.


Dolphins feeding around the pier.


Looks like he caught a little shark.


It was a beautiful morning to watch the big boats from the pier at Fort Desoto.

Skywatch Friday

The dolphin show at Fort Desoto






The dolphins were active, coming close to the pier. They were stealing the fish from the fishing lines. People were not happy that the dolphins were stealing the fish off their lines. You’d see a guy realizing he had something on his line. He’d start to reel it in and then you’d see the dolphin coming up behind it. When the guy reeled in his line the fish and bait fish were gone. I wonder if the dolphins swallow the hooks. Does it bother them? They eat whole fish with bones and all so I guess it’s okay as long as they don’t get it stuck in their mouth. People on the pier get mad at the dolphins but hey, they are the ones stealing the dolphin’s food.


Dolphin on the bottom right flipping his tail as the boat goes by. The gulls were going after any trailing bait fish that was left behind when they pulled up their nets onto the boat.


Everybody wants to hitch a ride in a boat, including snowy egrets. They were probably hoping the guys would turn their back on the bait fish they just pulled up in their boat.


‘Hey, get your own boat!” says the snowy egret on the motor.

Another beautiful Saturday morning at Fort Desoto.

Camera Critters

Some birds, turtles and a wet racoon.

How sad and cute is this guy?  I found him digging around in the ditch on Marsh Rabbit Run trail.

Dragonflies are everywhere now.

Two snowy egrets chasing each other. Is it still mating season?

Purple gallinule with his candy corn beak. Lately there have been a few on the edge of Wading Bird Way trail.

Green heron in his usual spot on Alligator Alley trail.

It looks like this guy is trying to swim on the rock. Yes, turtles do have personality.

This one is a stomach clincher. We had heard about the dead alligator on Alligator Alley when we first got to Circle B Bar Reserve. We could smell it long before we got to it. It looked like it was blending into the mud. The trees around it were covered with vultures taking turns getting a bite. It had been there for a few days if not longer. I don’t know if anyone ever found out what happened to it. Did it die of old age?

Another beautiful Saturday morning at Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland. This was in early June. There weren’t a large variety of birds there but some other interesting things. I still haven’t found the barred owls at the end of Alligator Alley. I’ll keep looking.  

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