The birds with no respect.


I was walking around the Safety Harbor fishing pier and noticed a flock of pigeons feeding in the grass across from the parking lot. I walked by them to get to the little beach but on my way back I noticed the colors on their feathers reflecting in the sun. They all looked just a little bit different, with different black spots or stripes.


I stood there for a few minutes watching them forage and noticed how pretty some of them were. With those purple and green feathers, white spot on his nose and those orange eyes, they really should be more respected.


Are these the same pigeons that hang around downtown cities? I don’t remember them looking like this when I lived in Atlanta and worked downtown.


Out of the entire flock there, this one had more white spots on his head and pink on his beak. This one must be a mix of something else. He laid there for a while and I wondered if he was okay.


He finally got up and started walking around. He’s pretty as well.


This one walked over to me and seemed curious about me.


All of a sudden a lady walked by with her big barking dog and off they went.


They landed on a light post close by and stayed there for a few minutes. It looks like Mr. White Spots was last to land. Okay, yes it was a quiet bird day at the pier if I’m taking pictures of pigeons but they really are pretty.

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