Nothing unusual at Circle B Bar Reserve – Skywatch Friday


Limpkin posing for me. I have heard there are babies there but I keep missing them.


Pied grebe scratching an itch.


Male anhinga posing.


The baby great blue heron all grown up.


Another great blue heron nest. This one is only a few trees down from the earlier nest but much higher up.


Young spoonbills hanging out in the marsh.  They look so pretty.


Red shoulder hawk posing.


Racoon chewing on something. He looks fierce.


White pelicans flying overhead.

Nothing out of the ordinary on my Saturday morning walk at Circle B Bar Reserve.

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Non bird animals at Circle B Bar Reserve

My first animal sighting on this trip was a fuzzy caterpillar crossing the trail.

Across the creek was a raccoon chowing down. I couldn’t tell what he was eating. Something small. He kept swishing his front feet into the water and popping something in his mouth. It could have been crawfish.

Now I’m seeing lots of butterflies everywhere.

Dragonflies too.

Cute little frog hopped across the trail in front of me. Otherwise, I would not have seen him mixed in the dirt and leaves. This one is much cuter than the ones that live in my shutters at home.