In the fog at Lettuce Lake Park

The view along the boardwalk and observation tower at Lettuce Lake back in late February. It was just foggy enough that you couldn’t see the other side of the small lake. I love mornings like these. Not many people out so it was very quiet. All above taken with my phone.

I could just make out the grebes swimming close to the tower.

Even in the fog, the bright colors of the azalea bushes were popping out. These were at the entrance to the park. The azalea flowers don’t bloom long here so I caught them at the right time.

SkyWatch Friday

The Fighting Grebes are not a sports team.


This is the first time I’ve seen two pied grebes together. They seem to be solitary ducks. At least in Florida in the winter. Everyone was like “Look at the cute couple.”


All of a sudden they start going at each other. Were they fighting over territory?


The one on the right looked bigger. Someone thought they both might be females.


The fighting continues. They have a huge lake and tons of ponds. Why would they be fighting over this little spot?


They seemed to come to a standoff.


All of a sudden they were best friends again.


Maybe the one on the right wasn’t done fighting.


They started fighting again for a few seconds then stopped.  What was that all about?

The fighting grebes sounds like a sports team, you know, like the fighting tigers. But no, at Circle B Bar Reserve it was two little diving ducks fighting over something that none of us understood. Pied grebes don’t nest in Florida in the winter (or so I’m told) so it wouldn’t be foreplay. I’ve seen several grebes in the same pond but they usually keep a distance from each other. I couldn’t tell if one of them won the battle or they considered it a tie. Since neither left I guess it was a tie.