Flutter in the house.










I’m not even going to try to give the names of these butterflies. I do know that the one above with the lime green spots is a malachite. They are rare in central Florida and mostly seen in the Keys and Caribbean. All of the above were taken in the butterfly house at MOSI (Museum of Science and Industry) in north Tampa. I was tired of walking around Lettuce Lake Park but it was too nice to go home so I stopped there for an hour. There wasn’t a lot of butterflies outside in the gardens but the butterfly house still had plenty flying around.

Mandarin Orange Monday

Little creatures in north Tampa










Nature outside of MOSI (Museum of Science and Industry) in north Tampa. After walking around Lettuce Lake Park nearby, I stopped at the butterfly garden at MOSI to see what was flying around. Not too many butterflies in the outside garden. It was so pretty out I just hung out for a while watching the lizards run around.

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Tiny flying critters and a few swimming things













I stopped by the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) in Tampa on my way home from Lettuce Lake Park on Memorial Day weekend. Besides the Imax theater and cool exhibits for kids, they have a nice butterfly garden. The garden had a complete makeover since the last time I was there and was really nice. Tons of different plants, trees and flowers with stories about a lot of them. Lots of benches in the shade. Lots of tiny critters flying around. It was really hot since I got there right before lunch so I only stayed an hour. I only had my 70-200mm f2.8 lens and hand-held it to get the above. It was nice to travel light and since I was pretty close to the flowers, I didn’t need anything longer.

Shine the Divine

Little things buzzing around MOSI


Standard bee on flower shot.


Standard white butterfly on flower shot.


Standard orange butterfly on flower shot.


Standard dragonfly on plant shot.


Standard monarch on flower shot.


Standard swallowtail on screen shot.


Not so standard hovering in mid air shot.


Not so standard butterfly flying towards me shot.


Standard butterfly landing on flower shot.

I hadn’t been to the butterfly gardens at the Tampa Museum of Science and Industry since last July. I decided to stop by before I headed to the zoo to see if I could see any different butterflies than the ones I see out hiking. They were all the same. The butterfly house even had the same butterflies. Mostly zebra longwings were flying on the morning I was there. I did manage to catch a swallowtail fluttering around me head inside the screened house. I may try to stop later in the summer and see if there’s anything new there. When I was there last July there seemed to be a lot more flying around.

Butterflies at MOSI.

I’m not even going to attempt to identify all of the above (except that last shot. Yes, it’s a turtle. It was swimming around in the pond inside the butterfly house.) I’ve been meaning to get up to the butterfly gardens at the Tampa Museum of Science and Industry and I finally took the time. On a recent Friday afternoon, my toothache had gotten so bad that the oral surgeon was fitting me in. They had to pull my tooth. Yuk! After it was over the assistant told me to take it easy at least through Saturday. I said “Define take it easy.” She said “Don’t work out at the gym or anything too strenuous.” I said “Is hiking 4 miles carrying 10 lbs of camera gear too strenuous?” She said “absolutely.” I though “What a waste of a beautiful Saturday morning. I didn’t even feel bad.” I thought this would be a good time to check out the butterfly garden. I only brought my small lens and spent most of the morning standing in place waiting for the butterflies to land in front of me. In the butterfly house, they were floating all around me. Most of the butterflies seemed familiar to me but there were a few in the screened-in house that looked new. 

It was harder than I thought to get decent pictures. They were flitting around nonstop and there was both shade and sun all around. Next time I should bring my tripod to the gardens but with the butterflies moving so fast it will probably just frustrate me.  It was hot. After an hour and a half it was time to head back home but I want to get back up there again in the next few months.