No babies owls at my local park


Almost two months later and Mom owl is still sitting on the nest.  A week after I took this I stopped by again and she had abandoned the nest. No owl babies at this park this year. Last year there were twins. We don’t know what happened. Did she not actually lay any eggs? Were the eggs bad? I’ll check back again next spring.


The other owl was sitting a few branches away. What was he thinking?  1)”I’m so glad I don’t have to spend all night hunting for screaming baby brats”. 2)”Now I can go back up north early this year.” 3)”Sorry photogs, no baby owl pictures this year. You can all go home now.” 4)”Maybe I’m too old to be raising kids.”


I haven’t seen a lot of kingfishers this winter. The one that usually hangs out behind my house has only stopped by once for a few seconds. This one was flying in between the short bald cypress trees.


Mockingbird posing nicely.


A limpkin was walking through the reeds. This lake is full of limpkins.


He was dragging a clam shell over to the side to eat.


Osprey were flying overhead looking for a fish to snatch.


On my way home, I stopped by the baseball park near my neighborhood. As I drive by I kept hearing parakeets so I decided to drive through the park. Several of the lights had nests in them. Two of the nests had parakeet couples looking back at me. I guess that’s why these birds just keep multiplying here.


Butterfly under the parakeet nest.


Practicing my “bee on flower” shots.

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Tweeters and croakers at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens


Not a tweeter or croaker but still cute. I think he thought I couldn’t see him behind that branch.


Blue jay in the winter.


Sparrows landing on the feeder at the gardens.


The feeders were busy but mostly sparrows and blue jays.


Inside one of the buildings was a tropical frog exhibit. These were all in indoor enclosures.


Blue frog posing.


This was an exotic frog inside. We did not see any of the outside frogs in the frog pond that morning. I think the air was too cold for them and they were hiding in the water until the sun came out.


Mockingbird posing on an empty rose bush.

Just a few of the animals we saw on our pre-Christmas walk around the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.

Camera Critters

A morning in a cemetery – Skywatch Friday


It wouldn’t be a day out in nature without seeing some squirrels.


Blue jay keeping an eye on me.


I think this is a chipping sparrow?  They were all over the cemetery.


Getting a drink from an empty planter.


Robins were everywhere.


Mockingbird on a cross.


A warbler in the bushes.


I could hear this carolina wren singing all over the cemetery.


Flowers were still blooming.


You can see the capital from across the cemetery.

Even though it was a little cold, it was a beautiful morning. The sun came in and out all morning. Nothing like spending a little time in a cemetery right before Christmas. I’m sure the people there thought I was crazy with my long lens taking pictures of birds. I’ve always said “Cemeteries have good birds.” Even in downtown Atlanta. I was surprised to see so many birds there. I didn’t see the red-headed woodpeckers that I had seen on my last 2 trips there. They may have been hiding. I thought I’d only be there an hour and then go somewhere else, maybe the zoo close by but ended up staying 3 hours.

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Backyard visitors – Skywatch Friday

Juvenile blue heron on my neighbor’s dock. He must have been born late this summer since he hasn’t started to turn blue yet.

Palm or yellow rump warbler running around in the grass below the bedroom window.

Mockingbird stealing a tiny orange from my neighbor’s tree. I think he saw me in the window.

In my neighbor’s tree.

Anhinga drying off on my neighbor’s dock.

Sun going behind the trees. 

All of the above taken through a window.

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Little birds at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Looks like a young mockingbird.

The Georgia state bird – brown thrasher.

The above Carolina wren was much smaller than that leaf.

Cardinal getting a drink in the fountain.

After he took a sip, he looked at me like “Did you get that picture?”

Companies and schools had donated decorated scarecrows and they were all over the gardens for fall. This was my favorite. A monk scarecrow with birds on his shoulders.

Botanical gardens usually have good birds. The gardens in Atlanta had a lot of them on the morning I went. If I lived in Atlanta, I would probably have a membership and go all of the time. There was so much to see and take pictures of. I had about two hours to spend there so I spent the first hour with my 80-400mm lens on and walked around looking for birds. The second hour I put my short lens on and took pictures of flowers. On my next visit, I want to bring my close up filters and try to get some macro shots. I could have spent the whole day there. I’m sure I’ll head back there again on my next trip.

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