Pretty in pink and orange

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I spent a Saturday afternoon playing with my macro lens recently. I can’t decide if I like the all in focus ones or the really blurry ones.  I had gotten some mixed flowers at the grocery store and there was one lily in it closed up. On Saturday morning I walked into the kitchen and could smell the lily and noticed it had opened wide. They have a very strong smell.

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Rainy day photography in the house.

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Above is a little rainy day photography. Fresh flowers from Fresh Market that I happened to pick up on a Friday night after work. It was a rainy weekend in mid-December so I stayed in and did chores, getting the house ready for relatives to visit over the holidays. One week of my sister from South Dakota in town and the next week was hubby’s sister and her family. After a full day of fall cleaning I needed to do something creative so I pulled out my 85mm Nikon lens and did a little practice macro shooting.  After 20 minutes of shooting flowers I was ready to finish the vacuuming.