Terns at every turn


I hadn’t seen a sandwich tern in a while, maybe months? I saw that little yellow tip right away.


I had stopped to visit the skimmer colony and noticed a small flock of royal and sandwich terns hanging out together along the shoreline.


All of a sudden something had caused them to take flight.


They were flying right by me trying to get away from whatever monster was scaring them.


The culprit, a cute little blond boy, was chasing the birds. It’s so much fun to watch them scatter and fly away. Little does he know that they are exhausted from trying to feed themselves as well as their new offspring. That they are constantly being chased by little monsters on their beach while they are trying to rest. The dad just laughed as he watched myself and two other photographers get mad because his little brat had just scared off our subjects. They flew off down the beach and we were just standing there with nothing else to take pictures of.


I walked down the beach and found a sandwich tern couple with their baby. He was yelling for food and they were ignoring him for the moment.


Parent and child watching me.


Another adult half asleep.


The juvenile started preening.


He has a pretty face, only a few months old.

It felt like the sun hadn’t been out in a while. I woke up early on the last Saturday in July to bright sunlight. I headed out to Treasure Island beach to look for the great black backed gull. After finding it quickly I stopped by the skimmer colony a few beaches up to see how grown up the babies were. A lot of the adult skimmers were hanging around the shoreline mixed in with terns. On the way I stopped by Sand Key beach to look for the common eider that had been spotted there in the last month. Still no luck on him.

On the beach after work


Someone taking a nice vacation. Sailing in between the rain storms.


Stork flying overhead.


Great blue heron walking around looking for a fisherman to steal his bait fish.


Royal terns on the beach.


They were trying to sleep.


Willets fighting over something.


I think this was a tourist walking around with her parrot on her shoulder. She was standing in front of the skimmer area. I wonder what that parrot thought about all of those skimmers running around.


This is what I should have been doing. Sailing off into the sunset.

After work I headed over the beach to see the baby skimmers. It’s funny to see what’s going on at the beach when it’s been just a regular work day. This is a big tourist area but it was fairly quiet on a Tuesday night.


Sunset on a cold night – Skywatch Friday


Not a cloud in the sky all day, then when the sun started to go down a wall of clouds showed up along the horizon.


It was still a beautiful night, even though it felt cold.


Nathaniel, hubby’s nephew, braved the cold with me for sunset pictures . He’s also into photography so we were comparing notes all day. Although, he’s a “Canon” person.


Nathaniel took this shot of me all bundled up. I’m in typical central Florida winter gear, hooded fleece jacket and flip flops.


Hubby’s family came down for spring break in early March from Atlanta. It was still pretty cold for central Florida. High was only 60 degrees. The sun was warm but the wind was blowing hard and was cold so it felt cold on the beach. At one point a few of us were huddled under the wind umbrella to keep warm. After dinner, Nathaniel and I ran out to the beach to get sunset pictures but that big orange ball eluded us that night. Once the sun went behind those clouds it got even more cold so we snapped a couple of shots and left. I know, we’re weather wimps.

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