Sunset on a cold night – Skywatch Friday


Not a cloud in the sky all day, then when the sun started to go down a wall of clouds showed up along the horizon.


It was still a beautiful night, even though it felt cold.


Nathaniel, hubby’s nephew, braved the cold with me for sunset pictures . He’s also into photography so we were comparing notes all day. Although, he’s a “Canon” person.


Nathaniel took this shot of me all bundled up. I’m in typical central Florida winter gear, hooded fleece jacket and flip flops.


Hubby’s family came down for spring break in early March from Atlanta. It was still pretty cold for central Florida. High was only 60 degrees. The sun was warm but the wind was blowing hard and was cold so it felt cold on the beach. At one point a few of us were huddled under the wind umbrella to keep warm. After dinner, Nathaniel and I ran out to the beach to get sunset pictures but that big orange ball eluded us that night. Once the sun went behind those clouds it got even more cold so we snapped a couple of shots and left. I know, we’re weather wimps.

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