A weekend in the backyard – Skywatch Friday


Little blue heron creeping along the fence.


An immature blue heron still in his white first year feathers. He’s just starting to get some blue tint around his face. He was walking around the dock.


Two white ibis land on my boat lift.


Off he goes. I think he saw me in the window.


My neighbor’s bottle brush tree in full bloom.


Back in early March, we had two manatees sleeping right in front of our dock. They stayed there most of the afternoon. I walked out on the dock and snapped these. They had their backs to our house most of the time so I couldn’t get any front of the face shots.


 I went back out at sunset and they were still there.


We had a few clouds when I first went out. View from the backyard.


A little later, the clouds went by and it was a full sun. The sun goes right down the middle of the channel behind our house for about two weeks in March and October. In the winter it goes down behind the trees on the far left and in the summer behind the trees on the right. It’s really bright in the house for those two weeks.


After going back in the house, I looked out the window one last time and noticed an anhinga sleeping in my neighbor’s tree.

A few things in the backyard during March. There hasn’t been too much since. We regularly get doves but since we cut down our fruit trees, we don’t get much else anymore. The manatees were a nice treat and we should see them more now that summer is here.  It would be nice if they would turn around and smile for me though.

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