Fun stuff at our Key West hotel

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Our hotel in Key West was right in the heart of all the action. Blocks from Mallory Square, feet from Duval street and the marina a few blocks over. You would not think there was a little oasis in the middle of the hotel grounds. I spent an hour walking around taking pictures of the stuff near the pool. It was fun seeing iguanas walking around but I know they are a nuisance. The gardens were blooming, the turtle and fish pond were calming but that green heron catching the lizard next to the pool was perfect. We stayed at the Pier House Resort which my friend Pam recommended and I agree.

Typical Key West things


Just what you would expect to see in Key West, an old jeep with coconuts on it.


An outdoor restaurant on a long pier..


Typical outdoor bar.


I don’t know what this was about. It was near Mallory Square.


Our hotel from the boat.


A door to nowhere.


This and the one above were in our hotel parking lot.


This was not the biggest boat we saw.


I can’t remember the name of this bar on Duval Street. Pam? I took this from the sidewalk.


One of the many street performers in Mallory Square.


Pano with my phone of the sunset.


Every night we were there, the sun was behind clouds at sunset. Not a cloud in the sky all day until you want to get a picture of it going down.

More pictures from our vacation in Key West in mid-May.

Skywatch Friday