Yes, there are fish there too.

Big bug eyes staring at me.

Beautiful yellow

Everyone was trying to get a picture of this fish.

This school was swimming together in the shark and big stingray tank.

I thought it was cool the way they parted when a stingray came through.

A stingray has two faces. One on top and one on bottom. Although, these are really just his gills. When he breathes, water comes out of the holes. It looks like a big smiley face.

I think these are the most favorite animal at the aquarium. They are so cute. This one was chewing on his tail.

Then he was like “Oh wait, get a good picture of me.” and posed a few seconds before diving in the water.

More fun at the Florida Aquarium on my rainy day trip.


Birds at the Florida Aquarium

This roseate spoonbill has beautiful colors in his face. The birds here are fairly tame and will walk up pretty close to people. It’s interesting to see the reactions of people who are seeing one for the first time.

This one has almost no color around her face. It must be a younger one. She was feeding pretty close to the walkway.

The three stooges all looking at me.

Black necked stilt at the small beach along the stingray exhibit.

He’s joined by a kildeer in front of the window. They have a view of the cruise ships.

Glossy ibis posing. We don’t see these very often in the Tampa bay area.

I had a day off in September in the middle of the week. Of course, the weather person said 75% chance of rain. So instead of heading to the beach, I spent an hour at the Florida Aquarium. They have a nice big aviary when you first start the tour. Big mangroves all along water with the birds wandering around. Most of the birds are permanently injured and have found a home at the aquarium. Except for the oystercatcher, who stayed in the back behind the mangroves, most of the birds got pretty close to the people. They can always fly around or stay up in the trees inside but most were feeding right along the edges next to the walkway. It’s a great way to see these beautiful birds up close.  There are lots of fish at the aquarium as well, more on those later.

Camera Critters