Red Rock Amphitheater

Heading into the famous Red Rocks amphitheater was a jaw dropper for someone who hasn’t spent a lot of time out west. Not just the rocks and the view but to see a concert here would be amazing. The hike up the main ramp was incredible although I can imagine at night you just want to get there so you can see the band you came to hear. Most people who grew up there probably doesn’t stop to look at the view. My husband thought the big rock in the 3rd picture looked like a dinosaur head.

We came in from the side of the stage and then walked up to the top.

Brett took a picture of me taking a picture of something with my phone. I had heard that when the park is open (on days when there is not a concert scheduled) you can come in and walk up and down the stairs.  I saw several people doing that.

View from the top of downtown Denver.

Pano of the area.

More to come on this fun place. There’ an actual park around the amphitheater that has trails you can hike. We did a little hiking but was on a tight schedule so we didn’t go too far.

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Inside the Air Force Academy chapel

Seeing inside the main chapel at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs was worth the small hike in the freezing rain from the main parking lot.  Due to the weather there was only a few other people inside so it was quiet. I would love to come here for service.or maybe a wedding but I think only cadets can attend service here. Several religions are practiced here. I can only image how pretty the colors on the ceiling are when the sun is shining.

The chapel outside.

The lower level Catholic chapel above. Seeing the stations of the cross on the wall reminds me of my old Catholic school days.

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The Air Force Academy

We stopped for a visit at the Air Force Academy on our way back to Denver from Colorado Springs. I think this was the coldest morning we had in Colorado. We had freezing drizzle that was blowing sideways. Our main visit was the famous chapel. I had seen pictures of it from my cousin who graduated from the Academy many years ago. Through all of the fog and rain, you could see the spires on the top of the chapel. I would have liked to have blue sky behind it but that was not happening on this trip.

The architecture was amazing. Lots of clean lines. Due to the weather, there wasn’t a lot of people there so we pretty much had the place to ourselves.

Lots to look at through the fog.

Also lot of color. The trees were beautiful. The colored rocks were around the parking lot of the visitor’s center. The inside of the chapel was beautiful as well. More on that later….


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Watching the rain fall from a water fall.

Pictures from our stop at Helen Hunt Falls in Cheyenne Mountain Park.  The falls were named after Helen Hunt Jackson, a poet and activist from the late 1800. Of course, another rainy day walk as it rained most of our time there.

Brett at the bottom of the falls taking a picture of me taking pictures of him.

On the way out.

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Stagecoaches and race cars

The Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs has a free car museum right on the property. We stopped by the hotel to look around and found the museum. It was a fun way to spend a rainy afternoon. They had so many different types of transportation from stagecoaches to race cars. Lots of history in this museum.

What a bargain!

On the way out of the hotel, we had to stop for some wildlife traffic.

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A castle in Colorado?

Wild mule deer wandering around the castle property.

A castle in Colorado Springs? I just happened to read about Glen Eyrie while looking for things to do on our trip in late September. Built in 1871 by the founder of Colorado Springs, you can now stay in the castle. There is also a lodge and convention center as well. It sits in the northwestern foothills of the Garden Of The Gods rock formations. We stopped by to visit the gift shop and walk around the property. And of course, the weather was not in our favor. I want to come back and stay here sometime.

Such a beautiful spot.

With it’s own built in hiking area.

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