Black skimmers at Fort Desoto


Skimmers sleeping on an early Saturday morning.


I caught this one waking up and heading into the water for a bath.


He was busy dipping.


And splashing.


He flapped a few times and flew back over to the group napping.


Skimmers were flying around.


A few flew past us.

Skimmer nesting season hasn’t quite started yet. The last several years the babies are usually born in early June. I have been seeing more and more of them hanging out around the Tampa Bay area. These were taken at Fort Desoto earlier this month. We’re hoping for a banner crop of babies this year since we lost so many in thunderstorm Debby last year in late June. The area had a lot of coastal flooding when the babies were still too young to fly. Skimmers nest on populated beaches in the area as well as in Sarasota and most areas of the beach are roped off with signs prohibiting people from entering. Usually,┬áthe worries are gulls or crows getting the eggs and babies or someone letting their dog run into the area and scaring the parents away. Last year a storm came up on the beach and flooded it so quickly. I didn’t even think about it until I read it on a Facebook post and was devastated. Hopefully, this year we’ll just have normal rainy days.

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