Random fun at the Lowry Park Zoo

Residents at the zoo, these macaws get to fly around from the entrance to the stage area for the bird show. I caught them flying around one morning and they stopped for a break.

Residents of the zoo. The stork (middle picture) was born this spring at the zoo.

A few wild things visiting the zoo. A northern parula and mallard.

Pretty green and pink.

Fun animals.

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The last bird of 2012 and first bird of 2013

Yesterday a lot of people were posting their last bird of 2012 and first bird of 2013. My last and first bird has been the same for 19 years. At night when I put Buddy to bed and in the morning when I wake him up before I even open the curtains. Spikey has been number 2 for the last 7 years.


Buddy will be 20 years old this spring. This was taken on Christmas day last week while visiting the in-laws in Atlanta. Buddy and Spike always make the trip with us in the car.


He loves to whistle and talk. He only says a few things. His favorites are “I love you Buddy”, “Gimmi a kiss” and “Hello Buddy”.

Fuji pixs 057

They love people food that’s not processed. Above, Buddy is eating tomatoes and cooked rice.


Spikey always shies away from the camera but Buddy is a ham. He loves to wave which means he wants his head scratched.


Spikey loves to have her head scratched.


One of her favorite snacks.