Watching Grumpy take a bath at Disney’s Animal Kingdom


We saw this condor in one of the exhibits near the front of the park walk up to the edge of the water. This is a bird we wouldn’t see in Florida except at a zoo. This was back in early March when my sister came to visit from South Dakota.


I thought he was just getting a sip of water but we stood there for a few minutes to see what he would do.


Drip. He paused for a moment.


He then took a couple of steps into the water and started flapping his wings. He was taking a bath in front of all of the tourists.


He was having a great time. It was a little chilly that morning so he must have just thought he was dirty.


He stuck his head under the water.


He came up on land and started to dry off. He’s a scruffy looking bird.


He walked over to the other side of the exhibit with his wet wings.


He had a nest! He stood on the side and waiting for his wings to dry off.

We watched him for a while. He seemed oblivious to all around. The exhibit is not enclosed with netting or anything on top so I was able to shoot without getting something in the way. I’m assuming his wings are clipped. He was a big beautiful bird but had a grumpy face. I finally finished editing all of the pictures I took of our early spring trip to Animal Kingdom. I remembered watching this guy and thinking how cool it was we got to see him bathing. I’ll probably never see a condor out in the wild so this is the closest I’ll get. We were pretty close there at the exhibit.

Camera Critters

Birds at Animal Kingdom


This bird was eating something yucky. (Inside the aviary at the safari exhibit)


It looks like he was working on a nest. (Inside the aviary at the safari exhibit)


Wild grackles were everywhere in the park. This one was watching us eat our lunch. Even though there were signs everywhere not to feed the birds and ducks, people were still feeding them so the eating areas had a lot of wildlife hanging around looking for a handout.


Great colors in his feathers (Inside the aviary at the safari exhibit).


The resident flamingos there were trying to sleep.


What a cute couple. The one standing was picking bugs off the other one’s face. Or at least that’s what it looked like it was doing. I think these are residents at the park but they weren’t in any type of enclosure. I couldn’t find a sign for them but they look like some type of stork. They are pretty with their orange beaks and pink tail feathers.

We saw so many different types of birds on our trip to Animal Kingdom in Disney World in early march. I took tons of pictures and these were my favorites. The best thing was most of the birds were open to the public. Birds were just out wandering around. You could walk through the big aviary at the safari ride exhibit and the birds were flying all around. This was another one of those target rich environments but I was challenged on the light. It was dark and cloudy most of the day we went. But hey, it was still a day off from work spent at a Disney park so I can’t complain.


Sights of Animal Kingdom – Skywatch Friday


The tree of life in the center of the park.


Up close, you can see all of the animals carved into the tree.


A shot of one of the cool upside down trees. It’s a replica of a hundred year old Baobab Tree from Africa and looks like a tree growing upside-down. The tree rarely has leaves, so it always looks like the top branches are the roots of the tree.


One of the many waterfalls in the park. (My attempt at fake HDR editing on the shot.)


A view of the Mount Everest rollercoaster ride from across the park.


We were walking along with Russel from the movie Up. It was funny to see how many people knew him and were so excited to see him. If you haven’t seen Up yet, it’s worth the rent.


We were there on the first Friday in March. A little early for spring breaks but the park was packed. Isn’t the country in a “recession”? You wouldn’t think that here.


Pointing the way out.

My sister and I hit Animal Kingdom in Orlando when she came to visit in early March. We thought we’d get rain but lucked out and it was only cloudy most of the day. The weather was perfect. Not hot and sweaty. The lines were long so we used our fast pass for the safari ride. It was a fun day just hanging out and taking pictures.

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