🎵 “Raindrops are falling on my head” 🎵

It was mid-July and we were expecting rain. We hadn’t had much in months so I was not holding my breath. It sure looked like rain was coming even though the sun kept peeking out so I went to the Dunedin marina to walk around and see if there were any rainbows or lightning. It started to rain so I made it back to my car.

I drove over to the Safety Harbor fishing pier where I could see pouring rain out in the bay. No rainbows or lightning though, not that I could see from the pier. But the weather had cooled off so it was nice being outside.

There’s a new statue in the park at the fishing pier.

I headed over to the Oldsmar pier, much closer to home and I could still see the rain out in the bay. We got a quick shower at home but not nearly as much as we needed. The ponds in my neighborhood were still almost empty at this point.

SkyWatch Friday

4 thoughts on “🎵 “Raindrops are falling on my head” 🎵

  1. Beautiful stormy skies and disturbed water. Typical summer afternoon in Florida. Clouds so full of promise and great uncertainty as to where the rain will fall.

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