Tiny critters at the botanical gardens.

The big huge milkweed plant at the Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo was covered in these icky bugs. I didn’t see any caterpillars in early October on the plant which is usually filled with them. I know it’s late for caterpillars but there are usually still a few. It’s warm through December here. I hope they don’t kill the plant.

A few other small critters creeping around the gardens.

There were still lots of swallowtails flying around.

The young wood ducks were starting to get their colors in including that young male hiding behind the big leaf.

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1 thought on “Tiny critters at the botanical gardens.

  1. There are always beautiful wonders to find at botanical gardens and you found quite a few! The last duck shot is really impressive.

    What a fantastic addition to ‘My Corner of the World’ this week!

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