The Air Force Academy

We stopped for a visit at the Air Force Academy on our way back to Denver from Colorado Springs. I think this was the coldest morning we had in Colorado. We had freezing drizzle that was blowing sideways. Our main visit was the famous chapel. I had seen pictures of it from my cousin who graduated from the Academy many years ago. Through all of the fog and rain, you could see the spires on the top of the chapel. I would have liked to have blue sky behind it but that was not happening on this trip.

The architecture was amazing. Lots of clean lines. Due to the weather, there wasn’t a lot of people there so we pretty much had the place to ourselves.

Lots to look at through the fog.

Also lot of color. The trees were beautiful. The colored rocks were around the parking lot of the visitor’s center. The inside of the chapel was beautiful as well. More on that later….


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5 thoughts on “The Air Force Academy

  1. It is beautiful. I went to a weekend seminar decades ago at the Academy and got to see the chapel. I loved it then and still do. I love all your other pics. Back then they didn’t let people wander around unaccompanied so if we were out there, one of the officers would just pick the closest unlucky cadet and tell them to stick with us until we had seen everything we wanted to see.

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