“Don’t play with your food” and a broken rule.

I watched this great blue heron play with this fish for a while. He kept flipping it over, dropping it and then picking it up several times on to flip it again. I was hoping to catch him swallowing it but after I while I gave up.

Even the black bellied whistling ducks that were close by stopped to watch him.

I broke a cardinal rule when out on the trails.  Not paying attention to what’s around you. I saw the heron above with his fish and was moving around trying to get a good shot in between the trees before he swallowed it. After snapping a few pictures, I saw the above out of the corner of my eye. He was inches from my head. He probably wouldn’t have done much damage other than to my mental well-being but I should have looked around first. Their bite on humans is mostly like a bad mosquito bite. The trees along the trails at Circle B Bar Reserve are full of these silk orb weavers. “Look up for spiders and snakes and down for alligators before taking shots.”

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